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Conquestriss . . .

Favorite Series
Claws Season 1 Episode 3
Claws is Surprisingly better then I thought it would be., thus far anyways ;-) I'd like to see where the adventure takes us?
The Last Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4
Good watch I've enjoyed every episode to date and look forward to more. Good cinematography, good costuming, good acting, editing and quite damn good everything with this show. I'd certainly recommend The Last Kingdom !!!
Legion Season 1 Episode 1
Quite taken indeed !!! I Will Be Back for More !!!
Face Off Season 11 Episode 6
Great fun episode !!! Wish I could have done one of those characters !!!
Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 18
I want a pair of those Awesome Elephant pants for My Sweet Fuzzy Kitty Cat ;-)
Crashing (2017) Season 1 Episode 1
BIG SUCK that None of the Links Work !!! I really wanted to watch this ;-(
Reign Season 4 Episode 3
Always a good watch.
SS-GB Season 1 Episode 1
Well done, good acting, awesome set and costuming. I enjoyed the watch !!!
Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 6
LOL, Keven just got a Huge Tea Bagging, hehehe!
Reign Season 4 Episode 2
Old school junky or his fathers illness?
2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 15
lol, she has the same outgoing message on her phone as I, hehehehe.
Face Off Season 11 Episode 3
Hands down well deserved win !!!
Taboo (2017) Season 1 Episode 5
Can't get enough, give ME More !!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 14
Cameron Monaghan Rocks !!! Ginger Powers Activated Nicely in him ;-) and his acting abilities are pretty awesome too !!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 13
Welcome Back Lover, haHahAhaH
Gotham Season 3 Episode 12
HaHaHaHa, FUCK YEAH, HaHaHaHa !!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 11
Oh the possibilities with such a team. Both have the looks and brains to run Gotham !!!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 10
I'd give this episode a good hand ;-)
Taboo (2017) Season 1 Episode 1
Awesome scar and awesome show too, lovely Taboo !!!
2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 14
They need to do an episode where Alex Jones is involved.
Botched Season 3 Episode 12
Ugh, No True Big Boob Fan Would EVER Support The Removal Of Huge Implants !!! WE Say Keep GOING BIGGER !!! And Bigger and BIGGER !!! I Know I'm Going BIGGER ;-)
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7
I am loving this build up, it's going to be a crazy winter when it does finally come!
Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 4
I love this site but am getting quite irritated with the pop ups and now I have run into multiple virus threats trying to find a good link for this episode, (S03E04) , of peaky blinders.
Botched Season 3 Episode 2
WTF, the title, "Big trouble in Chyna" , insinuates Chyna is in this episode but there was no Chyna ??? What, just because she died shortly after she did Botched they went and cut her out. I think it's more insulting to do that then to air it. Down right dumb !!!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 22
OMG I Fuckin LOVE FISH, bitches !!!
Reign Season 3 Episode 14
Damn, serious episode !!!
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5
My eyes tear as I watch the full circle coming so close to completion. HTD, those who watch will know !!!
Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 29
Wow Mr. Wonderful . . . bleep, bleep, bleep. But you were for sure 110% in the right in doing so, that's for sure !!! Hell even I was bleep, bleep, bleeping as I watched !!!
Peaky Blinders Season 3 Episode 3
Oh Arther Baby, I thought you were cute before but after watching this episode You Not Only Have ME Drooling and Down Right Smitten but I even backed up and re-watched just for more of Your Yumminess MMMMMmmmmmmmm !!! Thank you for doing that scene, I'll be fantasizing that You did it just for ME ;-)
Gotham Season 2 Episode 21
FISH !!!!! Fuck Yeah Bitches !!!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 20
Dr. Strange gives ME the creeps, Big Time !!!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 19
Nygma looked so cute in his new outfit and Bruce growing up so fast, wow. Love Barbara Crazy Fun better then nice and boring ;-)
Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 28
Wow, Daymond was really dishin out some investment bucks in this episode. Go, Go Get It Daymond.
Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 3
LOVIN All The Female Power, two shows in a row for ME tonight and it makes ME Smile Wide !!! For We Are Women, Hear Us Roar !!!
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3
OMG, I just want More !!! I Can't Get Enough, They just can't give them to ME fast enough !!!! More !!! Faster !!! More !!! Faster !!! More !!! Faster, Faster, Faster!
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2
Somehow I am left feeling a bit confused but feel they are certainly leading us somewhere special. Oh I wonder where it goes from here, how exciting ;-)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 18
I enjoyed this show in the beginning but have not so much lately.
Game of Thrones
Upon first watch I wasn't sure how this series would grow on ME but WOW has it and I can proudly say I am well Hooked !!! Most likely the best production made for TV I have seen. The acting is spectacular and the costuming, locations, everything, simply everything !!! It all comes together quite nicely indeed. It is very rare for ME to have the desire to watch anything more then once, especially tv, but wow and I can not stop saying it WOW, WOW, WOW !!! The more I watch the more I fall in LOVE
Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9
When Charles Dance "Tywin Lannister" comes charging in OMG, made mE feel like a silly little school girl in crush needing for a Daddy figure, Yummy! And Sandor "The Hound" Clegane has certainly touched My heart. In fact many of the characters have touche Me in many ways !!! Certainly a good episode to enjoy.
2 Broke Girls Season 5 Episode 12
Love 2 Big Tits, I mean 2 broke girls, lol. This was an exceptionally Good episode !!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Hug !!!
Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 10
This episode touches on some very interesting and even extreme bonds amongst the characters.
10,000 BC Season 1 Episode 8
This has been quite the interesting show to watch for ME. 10,000 BC, has brought back some interesting memories about when I tried a survival walk-about and though it was in the city of Los Angeles I can say this . . . surviving was far from easy and what they are all going through . . . in bluntness . . . anyone left at this point should be very proud of themselves to have made it this far. I cheer for your success to the end !!! JP, has been fun to watching go from spoiled brat boy into a fe
One Big Happy Season 1 Episode 1
Yeah, "One Big Happy" not MY thing !!! Watched about 1 minute to know I could not watch 2 minutes and survive Happy. I am, however, One Big Happy ending the torture ;-)
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 1
Watched "Lucifer" season one episode one I think a couple, maybe even few, months ago and think it has promise for sure, but when the Hell is episode two going to finely air so I can watch it, damn it ???
Shameless Season 6 Episode 3
I love how the Russian hand whore, Svetlana Milkovich, did the intro for the show but wasn't even in this episode, lol Total Shameless Style Entertainment ;-)
Reign Season 3 Episode 9
Lord Narcisse was looking mighty nice on the throne, yummy yum !!! Good looking powerful men turn ME right on !!! Wish he and Catherine would get back together, they made a great couple !!! I hear Craig Parker, Lord Narcisse, is also stars in the series Spartacus as Gaius Claudius Glaber. Can't wait to check it out and what the hell might just go do that right now in fact !!!
Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2
I'm starting to understand the game of chest a bit more clearly now.
Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1
I just watched Game of Thrones s02e01 and after watching the first season I fine MYSelf still watching. So I would say there a bit of something here to keep ME coming back for more.
Shameless Season 6 Episode 1
OMG I felt I was forced to wait way to long but finally last night . . . Released and I got to see the new episode . . . Awesome of course !!! And of course I highly recommend this show both the US and UK versions. Hats off to anyone involved with this Awesome Show and thank you all for the good fuckin entertainment !!!
You, Me and the Apocalypse
"You, Me and the Apocalypse" . . . I absolutely enjoy watching this show! Funny stuff with a bit of wit and camp on top. Good Watch!!!
The IT Crowd
Just watched the first episode of "The IT Crowd" funniest part is at the end when they show the picture from their Amsterdam trip, other then that it seemed a bit flat. Maybe it gets better through the season(s.) Don't think I'll be finding out.
Simply didn't keep My interests long enough to make it all the way through the pilot.
The link to the Dexter petition secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/We_want_a_Season_9_of_Showtime_TV_Show_Dexter
Wow I just read that there are talks of "Dexter" coming back. A reboot or some sort of sequel or spinoff or something, it's undecided presently. However, fans can input their opinions and voice their preference by signing the Dexter Petition, or so I have read. Here's a link to the petition should you want to sign it . . . I signed it! Would love to see the show produced as it was originally intended for the story to be told and I want to see Deborah ( Jennifer Leann Carpenter ) the was sh
OMG I got so sucked into this show. It was so well done, especially in the earlier seasons. Ok I didn't much love the ending but I didn't totally hate it either. It was quite simply a well developed and executed production, through and through and a very awesome watch too !!!
Faking It
At first glance "Faking It" didn't seem like it would be My thing, age gap, subject matter, whatever ... many reasons. However, while watching the first episode the characters started to grow on Me, as did the show in general. Definite signs of (a) good writer(s) and tight crew for sure! I can proudly say I binge watched everything to date ;-) Wouldn't do that if it wasn't a good watch ;-)
Shameless is a very well put together show with a unique twist of the modern dysfunctional, still yet functioning, family. Good written comedy teamed with good acting = a Dam Good Watch!!!
Grand Designs Season 16 Episode 9
I found Grand Designs quite an interesting and informative show. With Season 16 Episode 9 being the second time I've watched, not sure which season or episode the other was but all the same I quite enjoyed both and for many reasons. As an artist MYSELF I truly appreciate the artistry of a Grand Design and Grand Designs truly lives up to it's name!!! Would I watch it again? Absolutely and with pleasure!!!
In the Flesh
My take on the BBC horror drama mini series "In The Flesh" . I found it was shot well and the acting was good too. It's story line was rather unique as far as zombie shows are concerned and I rather enjoyed this one. After some quick ( google ) research I found it was a BAFTA award winner but due to budget cuts was not renewed after the second season which is quite unfortunate as I found it interesting and intriguing enough to watch the first three, one hour long, shows back to back and now I'm
This show rocks !!! Good acting and cinematography too and it's good to see Judd Hirsch in a tv show again.
Orange Is the New Black
Way better then expected. I power watched "Orange is the New Black" in like just a few days and it's not often a show comes along that keeps My interest like that. Well Done!!!
Amazingly well created works of art each and every single episode!!! All involved from the actors to the writers to the cinematographers to the . . . Again ALL INVOLVED with such creative, lovely, surreal art as "Hannibal" I stand to applaud !!! I wait in such anticipation for the new even before the credits of the moment has passed and it has been since childhood I would say I have felt this way about anything aired on TV. Thank you for all efforts put forth in this delightful project, I for